Stelco have been supplying barbecue lighters to Australia and New Zealand for 25 years.

We started back in 1987 with an appointment at the Woolworths buying office, when that was located above the supermarket opposite Sydney Town Hall. The visit to a contract to supply the company Australia wide and soon after, we were contracted to supply Coles and K-Mart direct to store. Those were crazy days! We were just starting in business and every afternoon I would find myself driving the van down to the railway yards at St Peters, with dozens of orders to go to remote Coles and K-Mart stores around the country. Being somewhat overwhelmed with the volume of sales we arranged distribution through a kitchenware company, McPhersons Housewares. That worked well for 20 years until, in early 2012, the arrangement came to an end. We can now offer these lighters directly without middleman commission meaning a big saving, to clients.

It’s easy for the manufacturer who just makes a plastic handle mould to fit around an el cheapo cigarette lighter, attaches a nozzle and calls it a BBQ lighter.

The result means a lighter with a nozzle too short to get anything done, and a gas tank too small to last for any length of time. Once you take the cover plate off the lighter tank of some models for sale in Australia, it becomes obvious how misleading their external appearance is.

Our Gas Torch has nearly four times the gas, and nearly twice the nozzle length, of the Redheads lighter:

We specialise in quality and value for money.

Our most popular model, Gas Torch,

is the gray one in the pic below, and is supplied on a hang-sell blister card:

All that’s changed is the outer tank cover, it was time to update the shape. Gas Torch still has:


A 15ml gas tank, for long life;

Twin piezos, for reliable spark every time;

A safety switch;

A gas viewing window;


And of course, the best value for money in Australia.

We can supply 20 Gas Torches – including delivery within Australia – for just $70.

At an RRP of $7.50 each you make $80, over 100% markup.

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We can supply a big range of lighters on your card, check the examples below.


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