Roller Wheel LIGHTERS

Cigarette lighters are one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. So much safer than matches, they supply a cheap, compact, reliable source of ignition whenever needed. Many clients are surprised when I mention that Australia imports over 30 million lighters, each year. But they are used for far more purposes, then just lighting cigarettes. Fires, candles, barbecues, even caramelising crème brûlée, they can be found in countless kitchen drawers, car glove boxes, pockets and purses right across the country.

The big issue is quality. Cheap, dangerous lighters have been brought to Australia by fly by night importers. In some cases, lighters which have been the subject of recall notices in the USA have been shipped to Australia, for resale.


We have brought meanings of lighters to Australia since we started importing back in 1986. We supply quality roller wheel lighters which have been tested for quality compliance by independent laboratories. Our lighters pass the Australian Standard:

Our clients have included Australia's largest retailers, being Coles and Woolworths.

We specialise in high quality inexpensive printing at our supplier factory, and pass the savings on to clients.

Lighters can be supplied in custom colour moulds and we can supply a digital print mockup,

whether or not you decide to proceed with an order:

Three colours are available from stock, being assorted transparent:

And also black and white opaque. Our fluorescent colour transparent tank lighter means an eye-catching retail display and, for the user, the ability to tell how much gas is left in each lighter. Depending on flame-height our lighters will provide up to 2000 lights.

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